Swimsuit Trends of 2020

Summer is here and the beach is finally open. Since most of us are still working from home or waiting to go back, we have the time to hit the beach. You go to your closet and look for your suit only to find it worn out and unattractive. Now is the time to shop for a new bathing suit!

Swimsuit Options for 2020

While some of us just choose a swimsuit that fits or covers us up, it’s always great to choose something different and on trend. This year’s swimsuit trends will help you step away from the basic and let you dive back to retro times.

V-Front– The new swimsuit fashion of 2020 is full of v-neck styles. You will find great v-neck bodysuits as well as bikini tops that will accentuate your neck.

Animal Print– Another trending option is animal print bathing suits. You can choose from zebra to cheetah to snake-print swimsuits that will make you feel confident and sexy.

Metallic Hues- This summer you will find swimsuit that sparkle and shine, as bright as you do. Choose a color that will make you stand out from the crowd and don’t be afraid of neon.

One-Shoulder Styles– Another popular swimsuit trend this summer is one-shoulder tops. You will find bikini tops and bodysuits that showcase your shoulders and will help you tan them better.

Sleeved Bathing Suits- If you got burned or want to protect your back and shoulders, grab a bathing suit with full length sleeves. They are stylish, comfortable and perfect if you’re going to the beach alone. You don’t have to ask anyone to put sunscreen on your back.

Asymmetrical One Piece– Asymmetrical bathing suits are still trending and here to stay. They look cool and accentuate a different part of the body. One thing to note is that you will have some weird tan lines so be sure to use SPF.

Right Swimsuit for You

Choosing a bathing suit can be daunting for some people. The right swimsuit for you should make you feel comfortable and sexy. It should not make you feel self conscious or embarrassed. Don’t choose a bathing suit that is too small and you can’t bend over or even swim in it. There are plenty of swimsuit trends to choose from in 2020 that will suit your needs and budget. Be sure to grab swimsuit cover-ups for easy fashion trend at the beach or pool.

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