Seven Wardrobe Essentials for Women

When it comes to apparel the choices are endless. From dresses to jeans, shorts, t-shirts and sweaters, the choices seem infinite. While there are a number of trending styles and pieces there are some wardrobe essentials for women that are considered a staple. This means that every woman should have this in her closet. What is ‘this’ that I am talking about? The following:

  • A little black dress
  • Blazer
  • Jeans
  • White t-shirt
  • Romper
  • Trench/rain coat
  • Suit

By having these items in your closet, you’ll always have something to wear.

Why are these wardrobe essentials for women timeless?

A little black dress is a must for every woman, but why? It’s one dress that can be utilized for a number of events and can be dresses up or down. A black cocktail dress can be worn to work events with a blazer, to a wedding with some colorful jewelry or accessories, or on a date night. By wearing the dress with heels, you elevate it. You can wear the dress throughout the year, even in the winter by putting on black pantyhose, a cardigan and your blazer. With a different color cardigan your dress turns into a black skirt. I feel like a black dress is one of the most important wardrobe essentials for women.


Blazers are not just for men and don’t need to be worn with a suit. A blazer can be worn with jeans, a dress or a pant or skirt suit. You can even throw on a blazer with your summer dress on those windy days and when you want to look more polished and put together. I like to have a summer blazer and a winter/year blazer. The winter one has long sleeves while the summer one has ¾ sleeves that are rolled up. It’s also lighter in weight. When it comes to blazers, a black blazer is classic but you can also add in some color. Get different color blazers, including red, green or navy, to add some extra color and oomph to your style.  


Everyone needs at least one pair of good fitting jeans in their closet. The jeans should be comfortable to walk and sit in. If you have a little tummy that you want to hide, opt for high-waisted jeans. You can choose from skinny jeans to bootcut to slim flare to even mom-jeans. Don’t worry, these days mom jeans are stylish and not baggy in the wrong places.

White Tee

A white t-shirt goes well with shorts, jeans and even a skirt. It can go from casual to sitting in a restaurant with coworkers in a snap. Adding a cardigan or blazer with the shirt will help elevate it and dress it up. Since a white shirt doesn’t stay white for too long, have a few options and backups on hand.


When I first tried on a romper I wasn’t short if it was for me. This is because I got a very shirt one that was not comfortable to sit in. Don’t be me, instead get a romper that fits you and is comfortable to sit in. You can choose from long leg rompers and short rompers for going out. You can wear long rompers to work by throwing on a blazer, leather jacket or a cardigan. A short romper can be worn to clubs, lunches with the girls and running errands.

Rain Coat

A rain coat or a trench coat has been around since the First World War and has been trending ever since. Today, a trench coat is considered a staple in a closet and it will never run out of style. You can choose a long trench coat or a shorter waist-high one. It’s great to wear in the fall over any wardrobe including dresses, jeans or shorts. With the right accessory, the rain coat can be utilized year-round.


Pant suits for women have come a long way. You no longer have just the basic black, grey or brown options. The pant suit options for women are endless in colors, styles and lengths. You can use the pants and blazer separately to create different looks and be appropriate for various occasions.

Staying Trendy

When you have the above items in your closet you will be able to easily pull out something to wear. Whether you have a wedding, a work party event, or need to pick up your kids from playdates, these seven wardrobe essentials for women will help you get ready. Staying trendy doesn’t require buying an entire store out; you can look your best with just a few simple pieces in your wardrobe closet.

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