Overalls Trend for 2020

Most of us probably had at least one pair of overalls as a child. They were practical for us and our parents. It also didn’t hurt that they protected our shirt a little from getting dirty. Whether you liked them or hated them, overalls are back and one trends that always seems to stay. Below, you will find a list of overalls trend for 2020 that you should try.

Different Types of Overalls

Overalls and jumpsuits might look the same but they are a bit different. The biggest difference is that overalls usually have supporting cross-straps and a bib-like part in the front. Today, you will find a number of different overall options that are stylish and can be worn in summer and winter.

Denim Overall- If you ever saw a cute romance movie, at one point or another the woman will be in denim overalls. She’s usually painting her house or shopping at a hardware store. You can find a number of different denim overall options including slim fit and wide leg fit.

Corduroy¬†Overalls- If you’re thinking corduroy overalls give a hippy, 70s vibe, you’re right. They come in a range of colors and are flattering. They tend to be more leg hugging and show off your curves.

Silk Overalls- Are you looking for a loose but stylish pair of overalls? Choose silk! You can wear them with a blouse for a more polished look or dress them down with a cool t-shirt.

Fitted Bodice- Most overalls are loose at the top which means that you have to wear a shirt, blouse or a sports bra underneath them. If you want to just wear the overalls by themselves, opt for fitted bodice overall instead.

Shorts Overalls- When you want to show off your legs put on a pair of shorts overalls. They are a great option for the summer when you want to switch up from denim jeans and summer dresses.

Best Ways to Wear Overalls

While overalls are great for a casual look for running errands they can be dressed up as well. You can also wear overalls in the summer and winter in a variety of ways.

Denim and other women’s overalls can be simply worn over a t-shirt or tank top. You can also wear them with long sleeve shirts and sweaters during cooler months. If you have a pair of coveralls where you absolutely love the fit, unstrap them and tie the straps around your waist. This way you overalls can be worn as denim jeans. You can do this with any overall option, not just denim.

For the cooler months, put on a turtleneck sweater or shirt and your favorite pair of boots. You can also just add your coat or lightweight jacket over the attire. If you looking for a dressy look, put on a cute blouse and a pair of heels or flats. The best way to wear overalls is however you see fit. You can even take one strep off and let it hang.

When it comes to overalls trend, the options are vast. You can choose from a number of different colors, styles, sizes, leg lengths and widths and enjoy this comfortable trend all year long.

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