Men’s Summer Trends 2020

Like women, most men want to stay on trend. This summer you can still showcase your style by utilizing trending pieces in your wardrobe. With the right items you will feel confident and stay comfortable. The below are some of the best men’s summer trends that you should try this year.

Men’s 2020 Summer Trends

Summer is the time where we wear less clothes but still sweat. Whether you are social distancing in the park, at the beach or on the street, you want to look good doing it. Some popular men’s summer trends this year include:

  • Cuban style shirts
  • Short Shorts
  • Matching shorts and shirt sets
  • Linen or cotton trousers
  • Denim sets
  • Stripped suit
  • Paint-splatter shirts
  • Excessive pockets
  • Nautical styles

These are just some of the popular summer trends for men in 2020. You can choose which style is best for you or go wild and try something new! When it comes to trends, choose pieces that make you happy and will boost your confidence.

How to Add Trendy Clothes to Your Closet

Just because something is trending it doesn’t mean that you have to wear it too. Again, select items that you know you’ll enjoy and wear. Add a Cuban-style collar shirt to your wardrobe and wear it with your favorite jeans or cargo shorts. If this isn’t for you, try paint-splattered shirts instead and throw on your jeans and jean jacket.

Nautical theme is very big this year so try a shirt with sailor collars or a sailors hat. If you want to carry your phone, wallet , keys, lip balm, hair spray or other essentials, look for jackets with multiple pockets. You’ll easily find an option that will hold everything you need and then some.

To stay comfortable, add a pair of linen pants to your closet. They are lightweight and won’t clinch to you as much as jeans or leather pants. You’ll also be able to walk comfortably in the scorching heat.

These are just some of the popular men’s summer trends that you can easily add to your existing wardrobe. You don’t have to give in to all of them but be open and try something new!

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