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How Will Fashion Change After Lockdown?

covid-19 fashion mask

We’ve all spend a lot of time in our homes these past few months. Most of us gave up on getting ready in the morning and stayed in our pajamas the whole day. Others made sure to go through their closets and prepare their wardrobe for after quarantine life. As things are starting to get […]

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Stay at Home Fashion Trends

netflix and chill fashion

For most of us, we’ve been working from home during quarantine. While some of us get to use Slack and can be in our PJs during the meetings others use Zoom and are visible on camera. This makes it difficult to just roll out of bed, turn on your computer and join the chat. Instead, […]

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Vintage Fashion Trends of 2020

woman in plaid

It might be 2020 but the style feels like we stepped back to the 80s and 90s. Some of us might prefer it were but others are too traumatized by their previous wardrobe choices. This year, you’ll see some vintage fashion trends that are easy to pull off and will let people know you’re on […]

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Seven Wardrobe Essentials for Women

women's black dress

When it comes to apparel the choices are endless. From dresses to jeans, shorts, t-shirts and sweaters, the choices seem infinite. While there are a number of trending styles and pieces there are some wardrobe essentials for women that are considered a staple. This means that every woman should have this in her closet. What […]

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